Hoppy Holidays-- There's Beerly any 2007 Left

If you are wondering what we are liking during the cold times, here's a little list of quaffable selections. Very succinctly:

Staight-Ahead Good Winter Beers: Alaskan Winter Ale (notes of spruce and slightly sweet); Bridgeport's Ebenezer; Big Sky Brewing's Powder Hound; Dick's Double Diamond Winter Ale;Anderson Valley Brewing's Winter Solstice(warm with notes of Sarsparilla).

Lazy Boy Brewing out of Seattle has a great one with the name of Mistletoe something or other (I'm so bad for not paying attention, but how many beers have mistletoe in their names?) that I got to try one of the first pints of on tap at Belmont Station a few weeks ago. Today we visited there and had a great stout and barleywine, but for the life of us can't remember which breweries produced them. Not because we drank too much, but because we had a very busy little boy on our hands! I'll try to keep pen and paper around to keep better track of our beer selections. We did, however, get in a couple hands of cribbage, Joe took the first and I the second. And I did have a killer hummus plate with lots of hot peppers, so I was very satisfied.

We also tried a great barleywine a week or so ago called "100" by a Swedish brewery. Amazing stuff. And Schmaltz's "He'Brew" label makes some great beers. We liked their Jewbalation beer ("it goes to 11"--I like anything with a Spinal Tap reference) brewed with "11 hops and 11 malts"-- a very nice seasonal. Their Lenny R.I.P.A Imperial IPA with Rye was pretty amazing, a great strong beer.

I'll do my best to keep up on this, for those of you who like a good beer now and again. As the SNOB (Support Native Oregon Beer) teeshirts say, "Life's too Short to Drink Bad Beer"!


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