Havin' Ourselves a Merry Little Solstice

Well, a few days ago we said hello to the light as the Winter Solstice officially marked the beginning of longer days. It's hard to believe that, as winter really begins, that the days are becoming more lengthy instead of shorter. Thank goodness we have all these holidays to look forward to.

Friday night we lit candles in honor of that change and came together with friends. Saturday afternoon our friends Maarit and Aaron and their daughter Milena invited us over for some Finnish pastries and glugg, a warm spiced wine. The star-shaped puff pastry was filled with warm plum preserves and the homemade cookie sandwiches with raspberry filling coated with superfine sugar were excellent. As I get to know Maarit more, I'm convinced that there's an untapped wealth delicacies that the Finns have hidden up their sleeves. Yum.

Today was quieter. We're watching the third in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, in short episodes while Joaquin is sleeping. I'm somewhat wary of letting the baby watch the violent goings-on these fantasy movies seem to have endless supply of. We are happy to take it slow.

Tonight, I've rented one of my favorite "Christmas" movies--Ernst Lubitch's "The Shop Around the Corner". I say "Christmas" because part of the movie takes place during the holidays and I just love watching it this time of year. Jimmy Stewart is great as the unsuspecting young salesman who, unbeknownst to his own self, is carrying on a romance with the pert saleswoman at his shop who seems to annoy him most. Very sweet in the way only old movies can be.

I must go--my coyote boy howls. Have happy days and fall in love with your holiday traditions, be they lighting candles to celebrate the light, or getting your Nog on before fillin' up stockings. Merry Solstice, Christmas and the whole nine yards!


Amanda said…
Lovin' the photo! Glad you got one up there....more more more!

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