A Big Disclaimer

I wanted to be lofty. To find the treasures and beauty in life. That was the original hope for this blog. And that's the attitude you'll find at the top of the page.

I wanted to excel in thinking more poetically about life. To be more, um, positive.
I really hoped to bring a balanced and wise voice to this page. I guess my ambitions got the better of me.

Perhaps it's because it's been raining and cold lately and the cabin fever hits and all I can think is "Pizza and Beer and dvd...NOW!".

Perhaps it's because life hasn't been terrifically easy. Life is messy and real. I'd like to be as transcendent as a monk. Then again, monks don't have babies and if you louse up the job, there's a whole crew of the High-Minded Saffron Robed to bail your ass out. Unless it's one of those solo-trekking monks, then I guess, you might be screwed. But I'm really thinking of the communal living, chanting "om" in incense filled halls sort of monks. I'm sure this vision has something to do with having watched too many Kung-fu movies.

So, anyway, if you are disappointed that my posts aren't addressing the big questions, please keep in mind that my life has lately been filled with loads of the little questions, such as "When was the last time his diaper was changed?" and "Did you feed the cat?" and "What do we need at the store?" Not lofty questions, to be sure, but they keep us fresh as a daisy, unclawed, and fed.

This just goes to show you that when one starts a blog as an escape pod of sorts, the pod usually returns to the mothership. Boomerang mentality. You can never escape who you are or what your life is.

Hey, I think that might have just been a Big Thought....


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