The Little Guy

So, my girlfriend and I went out for a walk yesterday. It was beautiful, the leaves crisp and all sorts of brown, ochre, gold and a pale yellow. They were crisp, caught in the wheels of the stroller every now and then, making a soft 'shhhhh' as I walked. We stopped for coffee and then went back to her front yard, where her daughter and my son played under the maple tree. The above picture was taken by Maarit, and so many thanks, it will be sent hither and yon to everyone who would care to see our little guy playing in the leaves.

Joaquin is at such a wonderful place. Befitting the season, the first food he seems to be really enjoying is winter squash. I caught him scrutinizing the rubber tree yesterday, examining the cluster of leaves at the top and following the trunk down to the pot, then back up. Really studying it. This morning he sees the dazzle of light reflected off the mirror of the Whoozit onto the ceiling, follows it with his eyes as he maniupulates his toy. This lasted a whole minute. He never lost track of it.

And he's making the milk sign. Deliberate or inadvertant, I'm unsure. But's lovely to see this little fellow becoming more interested in his world. I'm excited for him.

There's one thing he's still interested in, however, so I'd better get upstairs...


Amanda said…
Is that a little tiny Joe playing in the leaves? Looks like it to me! Kisses from the Auntie for that sweet boy.

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