Such a Cozy Little Family

Saturday Afternoon was rainy, cold and somewhat melancholic. Two men screaming at each other in our street warranted a call to the police; it wasn't obvious if they were under the influence of some unknown substance or just really nasty angry jerks with a limited vocabulary. Apparently the Old School "F"-Word is noun, adjective and adverb all in one! Not so splendid.

I had the chance to go up the street for a cup of coffee and a chapter of a book I'm reading, then returned home to a sleepy fellow and waking baby. We decided not to go out, but instead built a fire. That was a definite turning point for our afternoon. Suddenly, it was cozy and warm; being at home felt like a good idea, as opposed to a last option due to a very bright and vocal baby. Our style didn't feel quite so cramped.

The cribbage board appeared on the coffee table. Glasses were brought out and a bottle of barleywine popped open to warm and breathe a little before decanting. Baby J happy on the couch, playing with the junk mail and a small container with a marble inside. I won our game, but my fellow's pretty good--he'll probably beat me the next time.

After dinner, I nursed Baby to sleep and we watched a Miss Marple, sitting next to each other on the couch, holding hands. How long has it been since that occurred? Baby woke right at the end.

All I can think is, What a wonderful life we have with this squeaky, squawky baby, if only we take a moment to build a fire and let it spark our thoughts. Being aware of what we want, then putting it into action, is so easy to do, if only we can remember to do it.


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