If you want them to take a nap...

...have an Adventure Day.

This morning has been the day of all days. Mr. Kiddo McNoNap is sound asleep; zonked out on the bus home. Imagine juggling with SleepyBye, a folded umbrellas stroller and a diaper bag~ Kiddo is dead weight asleep.

Our day went something like this:

6:05- Up with a bang, and a kick--to my belly. "Want Mama to hold you!" Really? What was I doing since the middle of the night?

8:30- Out the door, diaper bag loaded with sandwiches and a container of cut up apples and pitted cherries. Hustle to the Hollywood Transit Center via the Skybridge, which Kiddo considers one of the best places ever.

9:30ish- Hop off MAX. Wait in a long line at the Zoo.

9:45- Entering Zoo. Hooray! We spent more time observing waterfalls than anything else. Must hearken back to our family camping trip at Silver Falls a couple of weekends ago. We noticed both where the water was coming from as well as the view underwater, bubbling and white where the falls dump in. He thoroughly enjoyed the water, the fish, the barred owl and we camped out by the polar bears to eat lunch.

11:40- Said goodbye to the blow hole from the ramp, then headed out of the zoo. I want to post a sign near the exhibit that says something like "Don't Call It a Geyser". Really, people? Please stop misinforming my son, as well as your own children!

12:15ish- Met Daddy at his new office after riding the train downtown. It was fun to stop in and see where Joe works, but I have to say--I'm really glad I don't work in an office.

12:35- Inspection of the water fountains at the Square. Yes, they pass muster. And there are 20 places the water comes out. We know because we counted.

12:40- On to the library! This was his first trip there that he can likely remember; I used to take him up to read a display of broadsheets when he was teeny little and far more portable. The Central Library is my church--I love this place. (I think it's a Universalist Unitarian church too--there's a little something for everyone.)

1:40- Hitting the bus back home after checking out four books, putting puzzles together and lolling in a window seat. I think Kiddo had a really good time, judging from the tired face he's wearing...

...and then he was out. Or why else would I be blogging at 2:30 in the afternoon?

Next Adventure Day? I think we might just tour more fountains ~ Ira's Falls (Keller), Lovejoy Fountains.... Any other suggestions?


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