Am I So Very Wrong...?

There's a good, but rhetorical question.

Am I so very wrong... read a trashy magazine and polish off a gin drink while my son plays in the tub, threatening to dump water on the floor? congratulate myself for serving him his favorite fizzy water in the tub, which, I proudly decide, is the very best way to help him learn to drink from an open cup without spills? think that the phrase "Push Present" (found in Trashy Magazine in reference to a pregnant woman's receiving a vacation before the baby comes) is disgusting, banal and gauche all at once? let him run the water from the tap at a trickle for the next ten minutes so that I can finish said drink and read more Trashy Magazine? wow my son with Devo while I ply him with frozen blueberries and black olives for dinner? (okay, an explanation is at hand...he's teething horribly ((again!!!)) and he loves these foods, so I know he'll eat. As for Devo--yes, serious geek alert, but they were one of the best bands in the US in the 80's, so there.) steal downstairs to type up a purely gratuitous post minutes after the guy gets home? Okay, so I did go up mid-post to find out what the kiddo's screaming was all about and nursed him for a while, so I'm not Horrible Mom, just a Kinda Tired and Crampy and Seriously Needing a Break Mom.

Here's to all of us who just need a break. Time to find out if Trash TV is on tonight, start the laundry, and go upstairs to get a drink for the man of my dreams. Cheers!

(PS--Trashy Magazines, Television and Drinks are the only guilty pleasures I have left. Please forgive me if I don't feel all that guilty... Oh, and God Bless You, Susan!)


Amanda said…
'Stupid' tv (the kind that doesn't require use of my mind), chocolate, a good drink, a good book, a hard run...good use of "my" time. Hmm, i feel a blog coming on...
Unknown said…
Umm...might I just say I am reading your post as Ellis plays next to me in the bath. Best go put the laptop away (way to expensive to have in here) and pay attention to the kid who wants me to sing and play in the water. So much for guilty pleasures!

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