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A Parent's Perspective of Online Education

 Hello frie nds: A month or so ago, I was invited to participate in an interview/discussion regarding a parent's perspective of online learning. Below is the script we came up with; host and educator Natalie Conway composed the questions and I wrote the responses. I was deeply honored to have been asked to give my insights on the subject and hope this might help some parents working with their online learners.  Question One - So many people choose online schooling every year, but they all have unique reasons for why they do so. Why did you choose online schooling for your child and what has made you stay online? Our journey toward online school was a gradual one. Between kindergarten and third grade, our son had been diagnosed with a learning disability and some other challenges, but the IEP plan and 504 recommendations from his doctors and therapists were often dismissed by the teachers, citing concerns that his need for them might be overshadowed by the social consequences of a

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